A 2019 study states that this small detail can even make you more likely to post a food photo on social media.
"Never Use Futura" author Douglas Thomas thinks we need to have a more positive conversation about typefaces.
Its creators hope the free font will spread across protest posters everywhere.
From Benjamin Franklin to contemporary logo designers, Baskerville has a lot of devoted fans.
A SHOUTY typeface is not only annoying, but also dangerous.
Janet Odgis is the President and Creative Director of Odgis + Co, an award-winning certified woman-owned design firm based
The typefaces you select suggest a lot about your personality; each has a tone and voice and character all its own. The alphabet of each typeface has a distinctive architecture, one that communicates far more than just the basic meaning of words.
"A city lives because of its design elements. Signs are key to that life."
Spoiler alert: Times New Roman isn't one of them.