The recent first-time Emmy winner turned back the clock before he sat down with host Jimmy Fallon.
Winkler also enjoyed a reunion with "Happy Days" co-star Ron Howard.
The audience, when the debate actually happens, will be huge. Tremendous, in fact. Some (we won't say who) are even predicting it could be a bigger television event worldwide than the 1969 moon landing.
On those off days, the 69-year-old actor says he still wanted to be productive. So, he asked the studio to start delivering
Decades later, Winkler has won over a new generation of admirers with his recent roles in "Arrested Development" and "Royal
A music video collage of the best of Henry Winkler, a.k.a. "The Fonz"
If your employer can prove that you spend 63 percent of your time on social media, it doesn't make any difference how productive you are during the other 37 percent of the day. Judges, juries and arbitrators are going to look unfavorably on your cause.
Speaking of the Fonz, his full name is Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. We all know Richie and Joanie, but the Cunninghams had
Henry Winkler talks to a fan about his character Fonzie.
It's common for television shows to create characters out of the inanimate. Like a town or a place of business, modes of transport can take on their own personality. In the case of Arrested Development, the Stair Car is as recognizable as Fonzie's motorcycle or Walter White's Aztek.