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Mealime What it is: A slick-and-simple meal planner for busy single people and couples iTunes: Free Mealime makes it insanely
For the past few years, Uber has delivered drivers to my door in a matter of minutes. Today, it delivered something even better: food.
Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, founders of one of the hottest restaurant review sites The Infatuation, join Ricky to chat about their success, new app, and other delicious topics.
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Burger connoisseurs, prepare to rejoice.
Choosing a restaurant while in port shouldn't be a game of chance. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to make finding your next bite a quick and painless process. Many of which are free!
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These apps are betting that you will.
"I put a lot of blueberries in it, and it turns out cobbler-ish," she says. Thinking that their gut issues might be resolved
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"Cooking is all about compromising. You never have enough time, enough ingredients, enough skill. If I have good ingredients, I try to take advantage of them, but I don't always have the best." -- Mark Bittman
Just as Foodspotting and GrubHub offer distinct services in food discovery and meal ordering, the two companies also have dramatically different approaches to how they do business.
I recognize the value in the way cookbooks and magazines are designed. They tell stories about food, yes. But also about cultures and traditions and families.
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We love leisurely browsing cookbooks filled with tempting recipes and heavenly photography as much as the next foodie, but
As GrubHub expands beyond the 19 U.S. cities in which it currently operates, you can bet that the company will pay as much attention to its mobile offerings as it does
The iPad 2 is nearing its launch and an estimated 27 million iPads will be sold in 2011. With more than 60,000 available
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If you are like 99% of other wine drinkers, you know the best way to shop is not by region, or year, or varietal -- it's
With The Week Of Eating In fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how technology can help us meet