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Excellent work, Vermont. It's no sweat for the Big Food guys to make the labeling switch, consult with lawyers, and pay enormous fees but not so easy for the little local guys you love so much.
3. What Does A Body Good -- On The Media Vani Hari, better known as the Food Babe, has successfully campaigned to get the
Earlier this week a blogger by the name of “Food Babe’ went under attack by the majority of the interwebs, and she's responding to the bashers.
The launch of Dr. Mark Hyman's latest book The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet at ABC Home served as the launchpad
Learning to trust myself has allowed me to be happy in my body in a way I never imagined possible. But it required that I stop judging my happiness by looking in the mirror and comparing my body to other women's bodies. It required that I look inside, listen to and trust my body, and find happiness by turning away from appearance and toward my heart.
Everyone has a different starting point. But for truly sustainable health and wellness, please seek guidance from some of my favorite food and nutrition authorities.
Unfortunately for food companies, the Internet genie is out of the bottle and there's no turning back. So instead of commissioning studies that demonize the Internet, social media and/or "moms with food fears," food companies should take to heart the one simple lesson to be gleaned from the many recent successes in Internet food activism: Consumers want transparency.
Forget the calories, the question that Americans should be asking, and demanding an answer to, is whether regulations over the preparation and delivery of our food are improving our diet and health.