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The New York congresswoman's efforts stand in stark contrast to the state's own Sen. Ted Cruz, who appeared on the ground this weekend after taking a trip to Cancun.
The Underground Kitchen Community First feeds thousands each week. Here's how Micheal Sparks and Kate Houck got it started and made it thrive.
As food insecurity rises among wrecked supermarkets and coronavirus-caused unemployment, food pantries face greater challenges. Here's how you can help.
As the coronavirus crisis has led to record job losses, many families are struggling to get by and afford enough food.
Just as demand is skyrocketing, however, many of the food banks’ sources are drying up.
The couple donated a collective $1 million to food banks helping those in need during the outbreak.
Obama marked the holiday with a picture of the former first family helping out at a food bank.
USDA’s bailout program for farmers sends abundant meat, vegetables and fruits to feed low-income Americans.
I realized I had no idea how many hungry people there were all around us.
The federal government isn't paying many of its workers, so others are stepping up, including an airport, nonprofit organizations and chef José Andrés.