food coloring

Red velvet cupcakes will never be the same again.
"This is purely consumer driven," said Leslie Mohr, marketing manager at Nestle, adding that prices won't change for customers
Of course, the FDA has deemed all of these ingredients safe to eat, in appropriate amounts. But that doesn't make it any
The bottom line is that FDA officials just don't act as if they are the protectors of health that the public expects them to be. Instead, time and time again, they have shoved problems under the carpet, perhaps hoping the problems will be forgotten or solved through voluntary action.
The F.D.A. acknowledged has that problems associated with artificial coloring might be similar in affect to peanut allergies inasmuch as only some children are affected by them.
Ignorance of science allows the public to be deceived by a barrage of dubious claims.
But the hot, newsy topic this week is the FDA Food Advisory Committee’s decision to re-evaluate food dyes like Red 40 and
The problem with Marjorie's scrambled eggs was that they didn't smile like my mom's eggs. They seemed pale, like they'd had a bad night out. They looked like their estimated taxes were due.
The Food and Drug Administration should reduce Americans' cancer risk by banning these discredited dyes once and for all.
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