food consumption

In one year, Itamar Gilboa consumed, among other things, 19 apple cakes, 117 bananas, 113 potatoes, 22 pizzas, 111 liters
Rep. Tim Ryan joins HuffPost Live to explain why he decided against running for Governor.
Martin stayed true to her word when she shared two of her newest concoctions on set -- plates of candied sesame cricket stir
In the mainstream nutrition world there's one thing you can always count on: If you're told a food -- or nutrition practice -- is good for you today, you'll be told it's bad for you tomorrow. The one exception: breakfast.
"Cattle consume seven pounds of grain or more to produce an additional pound of beef," writes the article's authors, Janet
For global food companies, there's a chance to make a positive commercial and social impact over the next ten years while adjusting to the "new normal" in the food industry. What innovations might we see from the food industry?
God calls us to live consciously, making deliberate choices and thinking through how the choices we make about the way we live impact the lives of others -- even those who live halfway around the world.
Perhaps we can launch an awareness campaign to Stop Wasting Food....a JUST ENOUGH campaign for restaurants to serve smaller portions, for diners to request 'just enough'.