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Twitter users posted about their orders of alcohol, Plan B and chicken wings during the glitch.
“What Sophia did that night was not something anyone would just do,” the Fairhaven Police Department wrote in a statement.
"I miss eating in restaurants so now I whisper 'yes excellent choice' to myself when I make my takeout selections."
Data from Chowbus reveals the Asian cuisine people craved during the pandemic.
Grubhub's annual "Year in Food" report reveals which dishes became more popular during the pandemic.
If it makes my life easier, ensures that my family is eating a quality meal and allows me to rest my mind and body, I order in.
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It's my quarantine mega time-saver.
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One of my personal pregnancy quirks is that I truly cannot handle any kind of lingering “old food” smell.
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The Chowbus co-founder explains the struggles of independent restaurants, and why ordering chicken and broccoli at every Chinese joint is a mistake.
Health care personnel and others now run the risk of arrest during their commutes.