food diary

Excuses for forgetting to keep an accurate, up-to-date food record are even more numerous than excuses for not exercising. Who can be bothered to record every calorie they eat? But there are times when keeping track of what is being eaten is useful.
I am a Facebook junkie and a big fan of the motivational quotes that tend to find their way to many of my friend's walls. One in particular caught my eye the other day: "Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down."
Travel has always been an important part of my life. To ʻtasteʼ a city is another way to learn about its culture, society, history, politics, education.
"Tweet What You Eat" is a Twitter-based food diary that lets you broadcast, in real time, everything you eat and how many
How to achieve this caloric balance is the hard part. You will need to keep food records and learn the calories and portion sizes of the foods you eat.
The study tracked nearly 1,700 overweight or obese adults across the country who were at least 25 years old. Men and women
If you want to change your eating habits, or some of them, start by writing down everything you eat and drink. You can't get your food and weight under control until you pay attention.
Keep reading. The study involving 1,685 middle-aged men and women over six months found those who kept such a diary just