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The good news is that food rescue organizations have been opening and expanding all over the U.S. in the past ten years. This
Can I tell you a secret? I've used a food bank. I was a single working mom. My daughter was young and I was struggling to make ends meet.
A growing number of Americans rely on food pantries for some or all of their meals.
The culture of mass consumption and production without respect to nature further distances us from our food. Through Natural Agriculture and organic production, respect for food is changing.
"Little free structures both create space for neighborliness and address social problems."
“Nobody should go to bed hungry. It’s not OK.”
The bill would offer tax cuts in exchange for giving surplus food and pharmaceutical products to charity.
Have you been to a local apple orchard, or a harvest fair? Fall is the time of bounty and a special gala celebration of colors as Mother Nature presents her grand finale before hunkering down for a quiet winter.
Most likely, you've been asked to participate in a food drive this holiday season. It may have been through your child's school, at your workplace, your place of worship, or a food drive run by your local food bank. What you may not know is what happens after the donation is made.
"The beauty of it is ... [Facebook users] said, 'We'd love to help, but we're not there,'" Evans told the news source. "And
When we're hungry, we expect to eat. In fact, we expect to be able to eat whatever we want. Eating when we are hungry -- or, as many of us like to say, when we are "starving" -- is easily taken for granted.
After the South Beach Wine & Food Festival wraps up and folks stumble on home, the tents are put away. Party-goers face the work week and their impending juice diets. I wondered, "What happens to the leftovers?"
Which, according to a recent report by First Focus, is not an easy task. Memberships for Love With Food cost $14 per month
Two embarrassing truths are at war with each other in our country right now. On one hand, we’re informed, 14 billion pounds