Food Drug Administration

The eyedrops, made in India and sold in the U.S., could cause vision loss or blindness, according to the FDA.
U.S. officials have approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill, a major change that will broaden access for women and teenagers.
U.S. health advisers are backing the continued use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill Paxlovid, saying it remains an important option for adults at high risk of severe illness.
Officials said Wednesday that plant-based beverages don’t pretend to be from dairy animals – and that U.S. consumers aren’t confused by the difference.
Noem and the state's attorney general say South Dakota pharmacists are “subject to felony prosecution” if they procure or dispense abortion-inducing drugs.
The FDA estimates consumers could save $3,000 per pair.
Government advisers are debating who should should get new updated COVID-19 boosters and when.
U.S. regulators have authorized updated COVID-19 boosters, the first to directly target today's most common omicron strain.
Pfizer has asked U.S. regulators to authorize its combination COVID-19 vaccine that adds protection against the newest omicron relatives.
“I think there’s a potential to get this back in the box, but it’s going to be very difficult," Scott Gottlieb said Sunday.