food expiration dates

William Reid spends just $2.75 a year on food.
Think your spices stay good for eternity? Think again.
Test your knowledge below and learn how long your food will stay good in the refrigerator and freezer. Correction: This post
A 2013 report from Harvard Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council states confusion over food dating has led
But know that most foods won’t make you sick because they were on the shelf too long. “When you hear about outbreaks of E.Coli
A for Waste? An expired-food supermarket? Ending food waste is going to take generations of work. But here are four solutions that are up and running, today.
The lack of binding federal standards, and the resultant state and local regulatory variability in date labeling rules, has
Bananas are not the only food that can be used past their prime.
Do we really need to throw food away by the date printed on the carton? If not, how long do we have before it really goes bad? And what does 'going bad' really mean?
But the amount of time an item stays safe to eat largely depends on how it is stored, not how long it's been produced for
School kitchens had expired foods still stocked, some from 2009, WHDH News reports. However, the food products, such as beef