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A new report from UNICEF finds that 320,000 children in the country are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.
There's a problem with Spanish olive oil, and it's not just in Spain.
The dangers of an increasingly globalized supply chain for food and drugs are already visible. With imports and scandals rising, and government funding decreasing, the FDA will have to focus their limited resources to protect public health.
Can events in complex systems ever be predicted? No, and yes. No, because the precise timing and details can never be predicted
Honey typically conjures benign images of Winnie the Pooh with his paw stuck in the pot. But in recent years, it's made federal
It's baffling that in some parts of the world, there's an oversupply of food, while elsewhere people are suffering from malnourishment
Of the 9.5 million shipments of imported food items that will arrive at our ports-of-entry this fiscal year, FDA inspectors will physically examine only 1.53% of them.
I was shocked to learn that only 1% of most imported food gets inspected. Unless sticking to natural, non processed, domestic foods, there is no way of knowing for sure what's in our food.