A growing number of people identify themselves as "foodies," passionate about all things culinary, ready to improve their expertise, and always willing to discuss their last discovery. This kind of approach to food and eating is no longer exclusive to post-industrial societies like the U.S.
It's worth remembering that the digital food landscape is still relatively new. Let's hope that as it continues to evolve, that we find it a place for good, meaningful, fun and insightful conversations about food.
Though interviews and footage of famous chefs occupy most of the screen time in Three Stars, his main focus is the industry itself, in its business aspects and its complicated relationship with critics.
On September 15, 2012 many of the nation's leading thinkers in food media gathered in a restored barn in Rensselaerville, New York to explore the idea of "Old Media, New Media and the False Divide" and discuss the challenges and possibilities of how food stories are told.
Will you be a millionaire by exploring relatively uncharted food careers? It is highly unlikely.