food pairings

Don't knock them 'til you try them.
I would guess that most of the readers of the Post/50 page are familiar with food and wine pairing. In the 1980's, wine makers
Scones: According to our British friends, scones are the perfect pastry to eat with chai. Typically less sugary than a muffin
PINEAPPLE + CHEESE (Getty Images, How Sweet It Is) When melty meets sweet, they can't be beat. Caramelized pineapple quesadillas
Arm yourself with these food combinations and life will never be the same.
Craft beer is a hot topic, people! So hear me roar, this is my rally cry to the foodie universe: It's time to put craft beer on equal footing with wine and spirits in terms of education and emphasis in the culinary world.
Guys, we're standing right here!