food pantries

A growing number of Americans rely on food pantries for some or all of their meals.
It's not every day that you meet someone who has spent an entire lifetime changing the world.
To the people who think of donating to food pantries as a way to toss out expired, no longer food that you yourself would eat, can I ask you to throw it away rather than use it as a donation. If someone goes to a food pantry, it's because they need to eat.
Fighting hunger in New York City is a difficult, ongoing battle. According to the Food Bank for New York City, residents
Low-income households have a lot of hardships to overcome. The last thing they need is the additional struggle of higher medical bills, more doctor visits, lower quality of life and less opportunity to obtain a job all due to the food we provide.
In addition, the church has been coordinating with other local churches and food pantries to make sure supplies get to the
Trinity Place Shelter is a tiny, little shelter for homeless youth located in a church basement. Despite the location, no religion is thrust upon these kids. I volunteer and teach periodic cooking classes to the kids who are interested. I preach the gospel of vegetables.
As part of an ongoing fundraiser with TerraCycle, Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank's staff have been collecting yogurt containers and shampoo bottles in the break room. Three months in, we'd managed to fill up a couple of copy paper boxes. Then Whitehall Middle School got a hold of the idea.
Whatever you do to give back for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it will warm the heart of anyone you help, and also your own.
Food banks have worked to change their stocks from any old leftovers to food that’s more nutritious and fresher, and a new
Chad's attitude has changed, his whole family is eating healthier food, and the garden gets him outside moving and sweating every day, with his excited kids working beside him. And this kind of Appalachian pride is growing on 43 family gardens all across Ashe County.
Could you imagine how big of an impact it would make on our communities if we each gave up one latte, fast food meal or golf game a week?
"The beauty of it is ... [Facebook users] said, 'We'd love to help, but we're not there,'" Evans told the news source. "And
When we're hungry, we expect to eat. In fact, we expect to be able to eat whatever we want. Eating when we are hungry -- or, as many of us like to say, when we are "starving" -- is easily taken for granted.
What do you do with a clergy person at a development meeting? Or when planning new street art projects? Or building a board for a new non-profit?
Anyone who thinks welfare recipients do nothing but sit around and cash their checks isn't familiar with the schedules of Tiffany and many others like her.
As the economy continues to falter and the number of families seeking help at local food pantries increases, there is one