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As demand rises for locally produced food, some states are investing in distribution centers to help small and midsize farmers
Advocates for healthier, sustainably produced food are feeling pessimistic about a Trump administration.
If you happen to believe the saying, “you are what you eat,” then some might find it refreshing to think of themselves as
The food we eat matters for our economy, our health and our environment. Do Clinton or Trump agree?
I hope you enjoy this podcast with Rich Roll and feel empowered in knowing that the decisions we make about what we put on
These days many of us are looking to get more fresh, local, and sustainably grown food onto our plates. Now we have a chance to ensure that New York students have more access to local produce too.
Or at least it appears that way, since none of them responded to our survey on food and ag issues.
I wrangled all the information I could find -- from tweets to votes -- to see where the candidates stand on issues of food policy, from climate change and fracking to the minimum wage and GMO foods.
Some, like me, have been mostly inclined to express extreme disappointment in how the political process so thoroughly coopted
Let's take our power back from a government who no longer has our best interests at heart. Let's take back our health, our community's health, and our planet's health. It's time to take back our plates.
Motivated by what is now a health and environmental crisis, authors, scientists, filmmakers, progressive school chancellors, the White House, consumer groups, entrepreneurs and others have inspired a food movement that now pervades every corner of society.
Here's a no-way-definitive list of what I'd like to ask Democratic candidates on the stage in the coming debates about their food and farm policy plans.
I did have one friend on my side. She moved. So now it feels like me vs. every other parent in the district so I don't really speak up about it. Once in awhile I shoot an email to the principal to tell him that not everyone hates the food policy.