Food processor

No, they're not the same. Once and for all, here are the best culinary uses for each appliance.
Make Pie Crust Sure, our grandmothers would wag a finger at us for this one, but when making dough, you don't have to cut
Chocolate vanilla swirl cashew butter. Boo-yah.
Today: The secrets to fine, evenly ground DIY nut flours that won't turn to butter on you.
Sometimes we grow apart from our appliances. One thing leads to another, and we have to end things. That's what happened between me and my food processor.
If kitchens were equipped with unlimited counter space, we would have every appliance we could dream of -- from panini presses
Delicious food, cooking and writing about it is a way of life for me. When the opportunity arose to review KitchenAid's new 13-Cup Food Processor, I was ecstatic.