I was in Montreal recently with a few oenophilic friends for a wine bar crawl. Didn't you know? Montreal is kind of a wine lover's paradise.
Whether or not a single drink has been the most influential is almost impossible to say. There is a lot to consider when determining which drinks influenced the cocktail lists of today.
City Harvest, one of New York City's only food rescue organizations, is once again asking us to join their 10th annual Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign. By donating what you or I would normally spend on lunch, you can help City Harvest to provide children and their families with good, nutritious food.
Every time I'm in Texas I come away learning something new of American food -- whether it's a new cocktail or an innovative way to prepare BBQ. As a chef, Austin is a great place to be inspired.
Try these ultimate pizza options to help spice up your Super Bowl party, or any get together for that matter.
They say it's not easy being green. It's gotten easier lately, especially with so many great restaurants making efforts to operate sustainably. But these days it's more than just serving foods sourced from local, organic farms.
Staying on top of seasonal fruits and vegetables is one way to keep money in your pockets, but there are also some foods that are both healthy and affordable. Here's a short list of the best picks of healthy foods for the best prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket.
2011-11-15-Screenshot20111115at9.24.42AM.jpg Burgers are easy, fast and don't require utensils to eat, making them the perfect main course, tailgating essential, and simple dinner recipe any night of the week.
2011-11-08-Screenshot20111108at9.17.20AM.jpg Aside from its healthy fat content, coconut can also help boost the immune system, promote weight loss, and provide vitamins and minerals.
2011-10-25-samamama.jpgIf you are in need of new recipes to spice up your breakfast routine, you're in luck.
2011-10-18-Screenshot20111018at11.50.20AM.jpg These recipes can go in everyone's arsenals of easy and satisfying meals that to prepare for fall and early winter.
2011-10-11-Screenshot20111011at10.37.49AM.jpg When eaten in moderation, there's no need to feel bad about indulging once in awhile.
2011-10-04-Screenshot20111004at12.13.58PM.jpg Everyone's favorite breakfast dish can be prepared in a moment's time with just a few ingredients and minimum effort.
2011-09-19-Screenshot20110919at12.06.32PM.jpg If you're tired of the same old marinara selection, I've put together 8 super pasta recipes that will make your pasta night dinners something everyone looks forward to.