Food writing

The legendary food writer talks about the cost of hunger, the importance of growing our own food and much more.
The Book Doctors first met Judith Fertig when she won our Kansas City Pitchapalooza (think American Idol for Books). She was commanding without being overbearing, powerful but warm, a total pro.
How do we create a more fully human and equitable world though just, thoughtful, and pleasurable practices in growing, preparing and consuming what we eat?
Bad reviews display all the linguistic symptoms of minor trauma.
We DON'T refer to ourselves as "foodies."
If you aren't familiar with these food blogs yet, stop what you're doing and get acquainted.
Warning: be prepared to get angry.
All of us are writing about food because we can't ever stop thinking about it, and don't we actually just want to be making it all the time?
And so it went in issue after issue of many of America's bestselling magazines through the 1940s and '50s. Rosie the Riveter may have found her way to the factory floor during World War II, but you'd never know it by looking at these publications. But in the midst of all this, a different voice was born: Gourmet.