foods for longevity

He retired from being a heart surgeon just 5 years ago, still drives and doesn't walk with a cane.
The fountain of youth is located in the produce aisle.
Nuts are always a great choice for a grab-and-go healthy snack. But if you’re looking for some more creative ideas, consider
Forget exercise and healthy eating –- this 101-year-old seems to know a more fun secret to longevity. Nancy Lamperti, a Staten
I think of Rebecca Katz as a joyful wisdom keeper and a creative artist weaving together nourishing and healing traditions with science, beauty and the alchemy of masterful food preparation. When you create with this cookbook, you will end up smiling and satisfied, and you may just live a longer and healthier life.
The more we learn, the clearer it is that longevity isn't just about our genetic heritage. Instead we can control many of