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At the bottom of the foot, the medial and lateral plantar nerves give rise to the digital nerves. The neuroma is an enlargement
Next time you have a minor problem with your feet, take note. Your feet may not be killing you, but they could be alerting you to a more serious problem.
How to wear high heels after 50 and feel fabulous ... even with foot problems. If I invited you into my closet to view my gigantic collection of fabulous and fashionable shoes you would never think my shoe collection belonged to a grandmother with foot problems.
When it comes to my feet, I like to make sure that they are always in tip-top shape.  
Warm-weather footwear is comfy and easy, but it can lead to serious foot problems. We take a closer look. By Corrie Pikul
3. You're a woman and love high heels. Wearing heels for special occasions won't do much harm, says Dr. Andrew Gerken, foot
I have tried acupuncture, over the counter orthotics to support my arch, and heel wedges from CVS to create lift in my sneaker. I have tried to increase blood flow to my heel to ease the constant ache -- massaging my foot shamelessly on airplanes and in restaurants.
I'm having a rough time accepting that I'll never again be able to wear those beautiful sleek stilettos that I enjoyed when I was young -- stilettos that my father accurately predicted would ruin my feet and aid in cultivating bunions and hammer toes.
I see many high heel-created foot problems that go on to surgery. Bunionplasty from high heels are common. I can tell you that getting your feet strong is the first step at putting off or preventing a high heel foot makeover.