Footage revealed the devastating moment of contact for the Browns star after the network didn't show it.
"Ian Eagle, Swiftie confirmed," one fan wrote after the sportscaster artfully hinted at reports that Kelce and Swift may be an item.
“The night is darkest before the dawn,” Rodgers wrote on Instagram. “And I shall rise yet again.”
The Hall of Fame quarterback repeatedly mocked the New York Jets' draft bust on ESPN's "Manningcast" after Rodgers' injury.
The 39-year-old quarterback has a torn left Achilles tendon that will require season-ending surgery, coach Robert Saleh announced Tuesday.
The Chiefs quarterback had some editing to do after his tweet in the wake of the Jets quarterback going down.
Attorneys are going after Spanish Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales after he kissed national team captain Jenni Hermoso on the mouth after La Roja’s win over England.
The announcer's dismissive remark on "Thursday Night Football" had the Lions faithful roaring.
Riley Leonard ended Monday's game with 175 passing yards, 98 rushing yards and, apparently, a late assignment.
The NFL quarterback recalled a surreal experience with a “tremendously large” airborne object before being drafted in 2005.