Twitter users came to play when Brady announced his departure after six Super Bowl titles in 20 seasons.
The tight end tried to save face after a ball slammed into his face during a catching drill.
The activist will release the book under his new publishing company, Kaepernick Publishing.
You'd think Mizzou coach Eliah Drinkwitz just won the lottery ― a really big lottery.
The Super Bowl MVP told his crying pop, a former major league pitcher, "I love you."
"The perfect way to cap off this great season," the defensive tackle said of his awesome gesture.
"I keep hoping for a medical miracle to cure his Parkinson's disease — for him to one day wake up as himself again."
Sen. Lindsey Graham went after Colin Kaepernick after the former NFL football player criticized the United States airstrike that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.
The LSU quarterback got hot to beat Oklahoma's football team in a friendly hoops lead-up to the football playoff semifinal.
Officials are probing the intent of the individuals after some people defended the cadets as playing the "Circle Game."
Fans imagined what the conversation went like during the Chiefs' 23-16 victory.
The offensive lineman tried to play but "just wasn’t able to do it.”
At least 10 people were shot by unknown suspects at a backyard football viewing party in California. Four of the victims have died.
"At this point, I’ll believe when I see it," Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, a friend of the quarterback, told reporters.
Even though President Donald Trump received cheers at the University Of Alabama football game, one former player blamed the president for the team’s first loss all season.
Former assistant football coach John Hoskins told reporters, "Just to set the record, I'm not racist. I don't mean it in a negative way."
The Los Angeles Chargers running back put together the "total mind and body workout."
Chilean protests, an otter with a mirror and wild fires in California round out this week's best images.
Cory Carignan of Minot State was headed for disaster but became an ESPN highlight.
Wavee Dave the Tiger got a little too caught up in the action after his team scored.