for-profit college

The closure leaves 35,000 students without an educational path forward.
The online degree factory allegedly targets the very veterans the senator pledged to help with the GI Bill.
Students at Broadview University in Orem, Utah were recently informed that the school is selling their building and their campus will close at the end of the semester. The students were told they could transfer to another Broadview University campus or finish taking classes online.
A major for-profit college would also get some help.
"The federal government has abdicated its responsibility to properly serve student loan borrowers."
It has been widely reported that Brown had enrolled at for-profit Vatterott College, although the school has declined to confirm that information. Vatterott, whose investors include Mitt Romney, has a history of deceiving and abusing students.
A number of signs point to the for-profit company Anthem Education closing two of its three Missouri campuses in Fenton and
The regulations are unlikely to become effective until July 2015, leaving programs unaffected by the strictest federal sanctions
This report adds to a growing body of data showing negative impacts of attending for-profit colleges. Students at these proprietary