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for sale

Many of us don't recognize the clutter we have in our homes. However, buyers do. Real estate professionals can offer valuable feedback on the overall condition and salability of a property, and removing clutter can make properties seem more spacious.
These seven properties up for sale have celebrity owners, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner.
The owner of the yacht where actress natalie wood was last seen alive says it’s haunted by her spirit -- and now - he’s looking to sell it.
Three times as many people moved from Los Angeles to Houston, and from New York to West Palm Beach, as the other way around. Most movers are toward counties with lower density, lower unemployment, and cheaper housing.
A year ago, the pattern was different: in July 2013, home price changes were more highly correlated with the peak-to-trough
In good economic times as well as in bad, financial hardship can always strike. And when it does, people might have to cut back on housing, which is typically the largest household expense. However, cutting housing costs involves hard tradeoffs.
Aside from two inland California housing markets, Riverside-San Bernardino and Bakersfield, the top 10 metros with the biggest year-over-year price gains are in the South and Midwest.
I've bought and sold many homes over the last few decades, and whenever I put a house of my own up for sale, I prearrange for my pets to have a little holiday with friends and family.
Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany remain the top three countries outside the U.S. for home searches. But Brazil has pushed up to 4th place, jumping ahead of India, Mexico, and Australia.
In later years, the share of households in multi-unit buildings rises, but by less than you might guess. Just 25 percent
Each year, it seems the housing market takes on a different tone. Sometimes it's going to be a sellers' market with inflated prices and bidding wars, and sometimes a buyers' market with tons of choices and low prices.
After a tumultuous few years in the housing market, the rules are starting to change -- for the better. Here are seven frequently asked questions about the new 'qualified mortgage' rules and answers about how it affects your mortgage.
If you're thinking about buying or selling a home, one of the first things you'll need to have down is your partner in crime: your real estate agent.
Open houses are an exciting adventure, but have their own set of rules. You need to follow them in order to turn open house shopping into a dream house purchase.
An accent color wall or an interior room repaint will liven up a home. With little money and just a day or a weekend, your house can have new a new look and a new life. Be adventurous!
A Million Dollars for THAT? 10 Greensboro, NC 5,863 6 Los Angeles, CA 2,360 In pricey markets, where million-dollar homes
6 Miami, FL 15.1 The 10 Metros Where Inequality Increased Most 2012 12.2 2 Allentown, PA-NJ 9.0 4 Boston, MA 16.2 5 New Orleans
2/19 Winter Weather is a Wobble, not a Hobble Here's what the weather wobble means for interpreting the forthcoming January
Need to expand your property portfolio? Ever dreamed of owning your very own ghost town? Get excited, because the old mining
A huge and previously unknown trove of archival material from Philip Johnson's architectural practice -- including his hand