Of all the things he could rant about, the ex-president chose this?
"Donald Trump is no longer rich enough for the country's most exclusive club," according to Forbes.
Trump failed to disclose the loan, which was paid off months after he took office, Forbes reported.
“I can’t slow down right now,” Megan said. “I’ll take a break when I’m dead. I’m trying to really build something."
The rap and fashion icon's net worth is plunging as corporate partners flee his antisemitism.
The 34-year-old singer and Fenty Beauty CEO is the youngest billionaire on Forbes' list of "America's Richest Self-Made Women 2022."
In 2015, the journalist authored articles about the former president's hang-up with where he landed on the magazine’s annual list of wealthiest people.
In June, the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that she gave $2.7 billion to charity.
He's still worth a lot of money, according to the business publication.