Forbes 400

“U.S. wealth concentration seems to have returned to levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties,” economist Gabriel Zucman wrote.
As Congress takes up tax code reform, there is one thing we can be sure of. Most of us will not understand what the House
The awards this year are of course even more relevant with Earth Day around the corner. It is vital we think of new ways
America's skewed wealth is one of the most critical issues of our time. Unless we defuse this threat to our democracy, we're destined to become a society governed the sons and daughters of today's billionaires.
Forbes just released it’s list of the 400 richest people in America.
Embrace your scars. When you have something to offer you'll be sought. The person who wants something least holds the stronger position. Living the dream is never giving in to adversity -- hold ground, then bounce back.
America's top 400, Forbes revealed last week, now hold a combined net worth of $2.29 trillion. That places the average Forbes 400 fortune at $5.7 billion, an all-time record high.
The Forbes 400 issue will feature five consecutive covers, including Jerry Yang, Yahoo cofounder and Alibaba board member
In the aftermath of the 2008 economic meltdown, wealth owned by households of color declined dramatically, as home values collapsed, especially in urban areas. The wealth of the richest 1 percent also dropped, but rebounded quickly in subsequent years.
Here we are in 2013, 12 years since Bloomberg gave up his position as CEO in order to concentrate his full efforts on the public service of helping the city. Luckily, Hizzoner's fortune has not suffered from this sacrifice.