forced labor

Items from China, Malaysia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Brazil were detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.
Consumers do not want to be inadvertently eating food picked or packed by people who have been exploited, deceived or abused. We need our government and supermarkets to create an environment where it is impossible for anyone to sell food produced under these conditions.
The U.N.'s apparent shift in policy concerning reparations for Haitian victims demonstrates the power of litigation and advocacy
For multinationals sourcing from these countries, reputational risks can be considerable and cause long-lasting brand damage
Slavery is complex and in many regions entrenched - it will need a cohesive, strategic and coordinated final push to secure
Azerbaijan's government has been waging a repressive campaign against critics, a dramatic deterioration in an already poor
Urgent action to press the Uzbek government to respect civil society and end forced labor is vital. We call for principled engagement that holds the Uzbek government accountable for its crimes. We call on governments and international organizations to take a firm, public stance against the Uzbek Government's mass use of forced labor and repression of civil society.
Myth: All traffickers are stereotypical "pimps". Truth: When we hear the term pimp, we often think of the stereotypical pimp