The recall is one of four issued on Wednesday, with the other three accounting for over 150,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.
Indeed, for $53,000 for the top of the line and fuel economy ranging from with 16 miles per gallon in the city with the V6
For pet-parents, the opportunity to take trips with their animals is especially appealing -- but do you have everything you need to keep your pet happy and safe along the way?
But the brothers send another message too. That their mother -- shown in home video clips looking vibrant and utterly entranced
The Salaises sued the car dealership on Nov. 1 for an unspecified amount "above $25,000" for failing to disclose that the
Like its operational siblings, the full-size LEGO car will soon leave the plant, bound for the new LEGOLAND theme park in
Podcasts of the shows are available one-hour-or-so after the live programs' conclusion. That's this Saturday at 11am Pacific
The truck which challenged millions of drivers to sit way up high, go off-road and inspired an entire generation of too-big vehicles in too many hands, is back in an all new iteration. 2010-07-27-explorer.jpg
While the Explorer is currently assembled in Louisville, Kentucky, that plant is expected to shift its focus to smaller vehicles
Automotive News and the Associated Press contributed to this story. Amazingly, a serious safety problem which has plagued
The CARS law is officially over, but dealers are offering their own versions of the "clunker" program.
GM doesn't have the kind of partnership and help which Chrysler will be getting from Fiat and Washington is on-hand only to protect the public's huge investment in the company.
Ford's Chicago assembly plant is slated to produce a new version of the Explorer sport-utility vehicle next year, a big boost
There's good news, bad news and -- finally -- some smart, encouraging news by and for American drivers.