Ford Fiesta

The secrets to a happy commute in the eyes of a millennial lie in the level of technology that is ready at their fingertips. You could have guessed that.
Although in the Unites States death is a sad moment when people grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one; for Mexicans, death is not the end of the road, yet an intermediate phase in the cycle of life.
What do you get when you put a Ford Fiesta and some PVC pipes together? Well, probably a big mess, unless you happen to be
Parking spaces are far and few in between. Highways are choked with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Even car washes are rare. Still, people buy. The question is, "Why?"
This good news for GM workers comes on the heels of good news for their boss earlier this week when General Motor's electric
The folks at Neatorama and mental_floss are hosting an innovative scavenger hunt on Tuesday, December 21, based on QR codes
The truck which challenged millions of drivers to sit way up high, go off-road and inspired an entire generation of too-big vehicles in too many hands, is back in an all new iteration. 2010-07-27-explorer.jpg
During the past year, General Motors went bankrupt, Chrysler found itself owned by Italy's Fiat. Yet Ford seems to be hitting home runs, knocking them out of the park with regularity.
Companies that have earned enormous profits selling giant trucks and SUVs are in the process of re-branding themselves as responsible corporate citizens with an obligation to society.
This year the big news is, much to the chagrin of car-makers and their PR people worldwide, about GM and their ongoing leadership problems.
7- Korean car-makers are thriving in a down market. Hyundai was the only car-seller in the US to see a rise in their sales
Ford is bringing back the compact to generate excitement and drive sales among the Millennials. The Fiesta re-launch reveals an important lesson for traditional businesses in the Twitter age.
Fashion's Night Out was a huge, massive, amazing success -- I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Aaron Vaccar Edition Ford Fusion Let Leno have his weenie Electric Fusion! Builder Aaron Vaccar says this intricate plumbing
On September 10th, Anna Wintour, fashion's high priestess, and Mayor Bloomberg are sponsoring an all night event to bring retail and the spirit of shopping back.
Gone are the days of gas guzzling SUVs and huge payloads. Car sales, driving habits and consumer's budgets have all been
Toyota shares my "best display" honors along with Ford at the 2008 LA Auto Show. With our emphasis on green and/or significant
When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging, and Ford seems to be doing that by slashing SUV production and re-tooling some factories for small car production. But will it be fast enough?