Ford Foundation

A study calls for 1 in 4 people on screen and behind the camera to be disabled.
"When people are struggling so much just to afford their homes, they’re suffering in a multitude of ways."
Charles D. King's MACRO, the studio behind "Fences," wants to highlight more "multi-faceted" stories.
What hits home in Mr. Walker's op ed is an even broader problem. America's colleges and universities are failing to play
Money as a motivator is insatiable. There is never enough. It is a slave driver when the most important goal is: more! On
Let's put our full weight behind all efforts to make jobs available, and make sure it pays to work, so that economic and social mobility is a reality for everyone. That's our dream for 2016, and it is past time for all of us to take it from dream to reality.
To think about the Ford Foundation's home in New York City is to think about our history, since the two are inextricably intertwined.
The National Association of Black Journalists is grappling with a massive shortfall -- and none of its leaders will talk about it.