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Were the siamese twins the first idea for being able to tell this pain? It's this concept that I was glad to find resonated
Now you'll have something cool to say when this category comes up.
At its core, Kaan Müjdeci's film Sivas is a story about a boy (Aslan), the girl he adores (Ayse), his adversary for her love (Osman) and a magical animal. Simple enough, if it was a true fairy tale.
This year a record 71 countries submitted entries in the Best Foreign Language Film category. I managed to see 61 of these films. Although there were many entertaining movies, the overall mood was bleak.
Winner of this year's Oscar as best foreign-language film, In a Better World is an intriguing examination of the ideas of revenge and forgiveness, but it wraps things up too neatly to be truly compelling.
Folman: "I was expecting as usual a brutal attack from the right, but the film was so well received by everybody. Sometimes I think we as filmmakers underestimate the audience."