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Late-night hosts had fun with President Donald Trump’s crowd size and pant size as his state visit to Britain continues.
President Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain is still providing the late-night shows with comedy gold.
“I like him a lot,” Trump declared after their bizarre embrace that drew laughs from the crowd.
Trump has left U.S. allies nervous as America’s global competitors gain serious ground.
The U.S. is considering sanctions against Myanmar as the Rohingya humanitarian crisis intensifies.
A long time ago, they used to be friends. But now, Senator Bob Corker and President Donald Trump are having a very public spat, with Corker warning his old golfing buddy could spark “World War III”
My own minor, rather frivolous, contribution to the creation of the new diplomatic jargon -- pubic diplomacy -- did not appeal to the wordmasters of the universe. But it does occasionally appears as a typo in some U.S. Embassy internal memoranda.
At 70, "The Lady" remains the leading voice for democracy in this strategic part of the world. Much depends on how she uses that voice from now on. The fall election will be the first relatively free ballot in 25 years -- and she needs every vote she can get to reduce the military's grip on the government.
President Obama and Raul Castro held the U.S. and Cuba's first formal meeting in over 50 years at Panama's Summit of the Americas, paving the way for restoring diplomatic ties between the two countries. What's next following this historic meeting?
Obama will visit a country that is still growing sugarcane and tobacco, making cigars and rum, and needs America, too. Not just our billboards and neon, but also our willingness to learn from our Cuban hosts.
The United States has done much, since its founding, to earn the decent respect of mankind that the founders felt the country needed. But in directly asking foreign countries to mistrust us, Republicans are, it seems, intentionally trying to throw away what remains of this respect. It is hard to see how this could be good for the country.
Americans, who increasingly oppose costly conflict, may come to recognize that the U.S. would be better off with a Cuba and an Iran (without nuclear weapons) as functioning members of the international community.
As these data demonstrate touring need and opportunity along the continuums of organizational budget sizes and lives in dance, some, such as American Dance Abroad, are already developing solutions for New York.
Documentary about Edward Snowden
An ambassador is neither a social secretary nor a socialite. It is, quite frankly, embarrassing that so many of our key diplomatic positions are now considered commodities for sale to the highest bidder or bundler.
Given the potential risk of an ongoing diplomatic feud between these two countries, the U.S. should continue its role as peacemaker.
Whatever one's judgment, Americans appear to have concluded that a foreign-policy reorientation is in order; in this case, however, reorientation doesn't equal retrenchment.
Prime Minister, espousing competitiveness as your core issue represents the best opportunity to make the most of this year's G8 presidency -- and to make your mark in history, by setting the stage for the success of the West in the decades to come.