forest fires

Brazil's space agency said this week that tens of thousands of fires had charred the rainforest, and that's not good for the planet's fight against climate change.
An old Trump tweet complaining about a "tedious" Smokey Bear campaign isn't aging very well.
That’s right friends, I need you.
In the U.S., 2016 was a year of record high temperatures. Globally, it'll likely be the warmest year on record.
Dr. Harvey at work collecting data in a burned forest (photo credit: Brooke Weiland). Removing beetles and wildfires from
On the heels of a 2015 fire season that burned 8.8 million acres--more acreage than in any year in the past decade, it seems appropriate to review Mary Lowry's novel Wildfire, offering a rare window into the world of wildland firefighters--hotshots. Lowry worked on the Pike Hotshot Crew.
The idea behind these sustainable finance policies is that they're supposed to drive positive change in the industries that are hungry for bank loans or underwriting services. But in Goldman Sachs' case, its policies actually lag those of their customers.
Sadly, land fires in Indonesia do not occur naturally. They are largely the result of a history of destructive land management, poor law enforcement, and inadequate preparation.
When Indonesian President Joko Widodo visits Washington this week, President Obama will be playing host to a world leader whose government is seemingly doing everything it can to launch itself as quickly as possible into the top ranks of climate polluters.
Inside 2015's wildfires: “We need to prevent the new normal from being even worse."