Memory loss can be a huge concern as you grow older.
There are so many scientifically proven methods out there to slow down your brain's natural regression as you age. Take advantage
But as annoying as forgetting things is, and it is maddening sometimes, I am grateful for forgetting. I really don't want to remember a whole bunch of stuff. We all have lots of big insults and injuries in our past that we try hard to forget.
The newest thing: calling cards for boomers - so we can at least remember who we have seen (and in more extreme cases, who we are). They can be simply designed or festooned with intricate details. What they share in common is contact information: our name, email, phone and home address - all prominently displayed to accommodate our growing near-sightedness.
Ever forget where you parked your car or where you put your keys, and then you find yourself questioning your memory? Relax
It's not in your head: Menopausal memory loss is real.