Usually it takes two to tango; sometimes we dance alone, but we are always solely responsible for our steps. Most of our relationships involve multiple people. Although there are those exceptional relationships that are solitary - we have relationships with our environment, with nature, and most importantly with ourselves.
We can't force someone to forgive. Therefore, the road to forgiveness may also involve understanding the person who has harmed us. This requires starting off on a journey that may entail a close examination of the person we need to forgive. The journey can be long and torturous.
Sometimes it takes every fiber of your being to forgive someone.
Abuse: What is forgiveness? When co-parenting with someone who has ongoing behavior that you find unpleasant, hurtful or
It happened a while ago, years ago, really, but I'm only just now getting around to saying it out loud. I forgive you. You walked out one day, and it was the hardest thing in the world to accept, that you had moved on to another family, that you would be present for them but not for us, that they had won.
When we forgive, we are not minimizing our pain or forgetting what happened. But we are moving on, letting go of the past, and choosing a brighter, better future for ourselves.
Noreen Sumpter, 52, has barely spoken to some of her siblings in five years following a dispute regarding their ailing mother
"Life is too short to harbor ill feelings toward anyone," said the Rev. David Triggs.
I am so glad she heard me outside rapping, and let me in. To yield to plans revealed in pain, and raise the victory cup again
These words of wisdom from Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant and more thought leaders will set you free.
There probably aren't many people who haven't heard the words "marriages take a lot of work." This is a good thing to be aware of prior to making a marital commitment. Knowing that that's the way it is, minimizes the likelihood of feeling surprised or broad-sided when the inevitable breakdowns occur.
Getting old isn't hard. Not for me anyway. Do you know what was hard? Being young, stupid and scared with no skills or support. Now, that was scary!
Despite tragedy, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina, is providing the world with an example of what the American faith community could be.
The offense-apology-forgiveness cycle is a draining, regimented ritual for public figures. Just in the past few weeks, Benedict