formerly incarcerated

With the intention of resigning, I gathered our staff - men and women who had all served time - and told them that I was gay, that I was going to open up about my sexuality on Susskind and that I would be resigning from Fortune. Their responses stopped me in my tracks. Jackson asked, "Well, what are you gonna wear on TV?"
I'd heard that it's hard for those who have served time to find work, but I was confident because I thought I had the skills I needed to get my life back on track and become a productive member of my community. I had no idea that the job market is barricaded against people like me.
"We make them feel like they're part of the community and a lot of these [participants] haven't had that experience."
After being gone for so long, you need support to transition back into society. You need information. You need a network. You need people around you who actually have access to the services that will help you. And you need those right away if you want to earn money and sustain yourself.
Currently, criminal justice policy makers and thought leaders are examining the racial disparities in both our criminal justice
We run from that which makes us uncomfortable, and those convicted of crime can easily give us that feeling. In the case of Darryl Hunt, I plan to sit with this discomfort and ask myself what care a free person deserves--no matter their past.
Huerta is a writing fellow for the Center for Community Change. Will people vote in the presidential elections and continue
Demonizing incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals permitted us to leave them out of daily American life. Even worse -- we excluded them from conversations about their own fates and continued to punish them with collateral consequences, long after they had served their time. In America, every sentence is a life sentence.
People released from prison frequently face challenges. To start, people with prison records have a hard time finding a job. If employers won't hire the formerly incarcerated, then the formerly incarcerated can take a different tactic.
Our nation's commitment to mass incarceration began decades ago. In the early 1970s, America's prison population levels approximated the per-capita levels of other civilized countries.
Some may find it strange that the CEO of a publicly traded company would speak with a man who served 26 years in federal prison. But Lew Cirne, founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Relic, took time out of a busy Friday to meet with me in his office.
In 2014, where Blacks and Latinos are overwhelmingly subjugated to carceral punishments, is it sensible to make the claim that if you don't vote you can't complain?
Society is much more secure when all people feel they are fully part of it. If we want formerly incarcerated Californians to be good citizens, we need to convince them that they are a part of society, too.
In California and around the country, the applications of otherwise qualified candidates are summarily tossed into the trash bin because of the box that requires applicants to disclose any prior offenses, even for arrests that are very old or minor.
2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifFrom all the energy and laughing you would never have guessed that just 20 minutes earlier the room was filled with apprehension and skeptical looks.
A program of "in prison education" could not only help the formerly incarcerated; it would strengthen communities of color in New York home to the great majority of released prisoners.
Somehow in the middle of a recession, Darnell Canada, President of REBUILD, has been creating hundreds of jobs for those who are hardest to employ.