formula feeding

Three moms share the nourishment journey they made with their babies.
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My baby was born healthy but did not take to breastfeeding. I tried every position possible and read every article I could find. I was going to breastfeed! I have built a successful career in New York City and now London for crying out loud! This should be easy and what my body was built to do!!
"You can support breastfeeding without taking away the freedom of choice of a mother."
"Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked."
When breastfeeding began, I had the same thoughts that I imagine a lot of women had: Is she getting enough? Am I doing this right? Is she still hungry? Will I know if she's still hungry? I wasn't thinking these thoughts maniacally but like all new things, you wonder how you're doing at it.
"I love to see the strong bond women have with each other, when they all come together under the same pretense -- to respect one another's choice."
This is not about photos. This is not about who has it worse. This is not even about breastfeeding and formula-feeding anymore. It's about how we view motherhood as a competition, how the powers that be monopolize on this competition and how the media loves to encourage it
"Hospitals and health care systems are places we look to for guidance on health," lead study author Dr. Jennifer Nelson, a
How about when you see me breastfeeding, you don't stare or look disgusted? How about you just go about your business and not give it a second thought? How about you don't worry what your children will think? They will think it's normal if you don't make it an issue.