Fort Hood

The 20-year-old was killed by a fellow soldier at the same Texas base, and a civilian helped dispose of the evidence, according to a criminal complaint.
"The Late Show" host got personal in his monumental bashing of the president.
Inside the borough's latest move to honor two key figures who fought to uphold the institution of slavery.
The Greeks fought against Persia over diverging ways of life in the Middle East in a struggle most famously highlighted by
The trio had been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and they had just been informed they were going to Vietnam. They were given a 30-day leave before they had to embark. The G.I.'s convened the press conference to perform a bold act: they intended to refuse their orders to go fight.
Whenever you read the bad news about PTSD, remember Reset. Remember that there are huge numbers of veterans who sincerely want to heal, and that the tools exist to help them return to normal lives. That's the big picture, and as a society, we can accomplish what Reset does. In the words of one veteran, "It gave me my life back."
While a few attacks, such as Boston and San Bernardino, have taken many lives, most have only killed a relatively small number of people.
I found the president's words on terrorism and ideology confusing and frustrating. He rightly said that Muslim leaders must combat extremist ideology; but Muslim leaders, clerics and non-clerics have already been doing so for years, in mosques and in many other organizations.