Fort Hood Shooting 2014

(Reporting by Sarah Conrad; Writing by Scott Malone; editing by Gunna Dickson) Two other soldiers died in the attack this
So often when we suffer, we feel alone or as if ours is the most insurmountable pain there is, but our fellow man also suffers; we are not separate, but rather bound by paralleled sameness
Researchers and therapists have found that certain people who suffer from PTSD display anger and aggression, but there is
Army officials had previously said that Lopez was receiving treatment for anxiety and depression while being evaluated for
At the San Diego Naval Medical Center, staff psychologist Amy Amidon sees a steady stream of Marines and others struggling
The man who killed three people and wounded 16 others before committing suicide at Fort Hood reportedly purchased his killing
Lopez, his wife and their young child moved to the Killeen area, where Fort Hood is located, in February. Prior to the move
McCaul said the "problem" in both Fort Hood shootings was that members of the military were not armed, and thus unable to
The gunman was a newcomer to Fort Hood, having been transferred there in February. At a Fort Hood press conference on Wednesday
Click here to read more on the situation at Fort Hood. I just got off the phone with Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of