Fort Hood Shooting 2014

U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this week spoke at a memorial service held at the base for the three slain soldiers. Sixteen
So often when we suffer, we feel alone or as if ours is the most insurmountable pain there is, but our fellow man also suffers; we are not separate, but rather bound by paralleled sameness
The three men killed were Sgt. Danny Ferguson, Sgt. Carlos Lazaney and Sgt. Timothy Owens, CNN reports. The deaths in his
"Very poor sleep means a person may not be able to maintain and restore their normal level of neural transmitters in the
Although it's been reported that Lopez was being treated for anxiety and depression, Think Progress explains why he was still
During a Thursday Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, Army Secretary John McHugh said Lopez, a native of Puerto Rico
Click here to read more on the shooting at Fort Hood. Hours after a mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, left at least four
Lopez wore an Army uniform during the incident, according to other statements McCaul made in the Washington Post. The news
President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday on the shooting at Fort Hood, saying that his administration is keeping close tabs
Though Milley did not reveal the suspected gunman's name, he said he was a soldier treated for "depression, anxiety and a