The three men killed were Sgt. Danny Ferguson, Sgt. Carlos Lazaney and Sgt. Timothy Owens, CNN reports. The deaths in his
Fort Hood Victims Want Incident To Be Reclassified As 'Terroristic Attack'
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Army chief of staff Gen. George Casey said this weekend that he is concerned that the deadly shooting at Ft. Hood last week
A military spokesman, speaking on behalf of Pearson's family, says they were "overwhelmed by the warmth and touched by the
Unnamed sources told Fox Chicago that Velez had only been back on base for three days and was in the building where the gunman
Pfc. Michael Pearson Pearson, 21, of the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Ill., quit what he figured was a dead-end furniture
Here we go again: Crazy person runs amok, kills randomly, and society scrambles to explain it.
In yet another twist of irony, in a case already replete with it, Maj. Nidal Hasan, 39, the alleged gunman in the November