Fort Lee

Bridget Anne Kelly, a former aide to former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, bashed her ex-boss over the “Bridgegate” scandal.
Inside the borough's latest move to honor two key figures who fought to uphold the institution of slavery.
You mean Trump? As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie prepared on Tuesday to announce his intention to seek the Republican presidential
Despite her amazing "real life fairy tale" theatrical roots in America, my grandmother, who nurtured a lifelong dream to be a singer, never became famous. She did sing to me as a child, however, and, just as crucially, made space for me. Humane space.
Before he became known as America's most famous artist in the 1930s, Thomas Hart Benton was painting backdrops for filmmakers in Fort Lee, New Jersey, known now as the first Hollywood. That's right: Between 1913 and 1917 Benton was watching and assisting film directors as they told their stories on a huge scale. And he took copious notes.
The soldier is a sergeant 1st class who has been in the Army for 14 years and at Fort Lee for three, Lyons said. Her gun
According to the website, Fort Lee has a population of 34,000 people, including "military service, their families, government
You know that you've failed when a Republican like Joseph Scarborough, host of the MSNBC show Morning Joe, says on his program that Randy Mastro, the so-called "independent" lawyer investigating Gov. Christie's bridge-closing scandal, sounded like Baghdad Bob at his press conference Thursday, and the political writer, Al Hunt -- also on the show -- said Mastro could have served as "Putin's lawyer." What will Christie do for his follow-up? One thing is for clear -- the woman in the George Washington Bridge scandal, Bridget Kelly, the sender of the traffic tie-up demand, is now in the crosshairs of the Mastro-led counterattack.
The U.S. Attorney's office in New Jersey has issued a subpoena for Port Authority documents related to Samson, a close political
Christie, whose viability as a 2016 Republican presidential candidate has been called into question since the scandal broke
New Poll Shows Jeb Bush Tied With Chris Christie
Are there other instances where the Christie administration may have misused its authority? I have one, and it is deeply disturbing to people who care about the New Jersey environment.
Sokolich, a Democrat, is at the center of the controversy surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and lane closures
Once this is understood, there is only one thing to do. Banish them from your world, and if this is not possible, buffer
The President cannot provide an accurate report-card to the nation without conveying the central operating principle of Republicans to oppose everything he does (aka, 'all-things-Obama'), even if they previously favored it, or even proposed it themselves.
One thing's certain in the latest allegation against New Jersey Gov. Christie Christie: either Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is blatantly lying through her partisan teeth or the Trenton Bully Brigade has struck again.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie finds himself at the center of a stormy scandal. But the good news is that he has a chance to rise above the storm and start talking about the importance of values.