Fort Lee, New Jersey

The airline, which on Sunday violently ejected a passenger, has been marred by scandal in recent years.
Before he became known as America's most famous artist in the 1930s, Thomas Hart Benton was painting backdrops for filmmakers in Fort Lee, New Jersey, known now as the first Hollywood. That's right: Between 1913 and 1917 Benton was watching and assisting film directors as they told their stories on a huge scale. And he took copious notes.
A New Jersey driver was ticketed for failing to stop for Donald Duck, and now she’s saying she was tricked.
Pascrell told the Record that he did not intend to make a statement on the scandal by inviting Sokolich. Rather, he said
The Greeks gave us philosophy The greatest minds to test and tax Dispensing with all sophistry: Would you throw the fat man
While Christie and his administration originally maintained that the closures were due to a traffic study, emails released
Well, it was a good eight weeks for the governor of New Jersey. Two months ago he was the Republican lion, staring into national TV cameras and commanding the rest of the world, especially Washington DC, to take a good, hard look at "How things are done here in New Jersey," so we could all learn something.
What was most stunning about The Governor's prayerful pity party was that he spent two hours expressing incredulity and remorse because his staff and political henchmen and women lied to him. He was not chagrined that they lied to the people of New Jersey.
When asked if he had anything to do with the lane closures, he sarcastically replied, "I moved the cones, actually unbeknownst
On Feb. 20, the Fort Lee Police Department received numerous 911 calls regarding a pedestrian struck at the intersection