One Twitter user helpfully explained that "Fortnite is to gaming, what a can of Pringles is to dinner."
Stunned fans of the massive game watched for hours, waiting for something else to happen.
'Swatting' refers to a form of online harassment in which the perpetrator falsely reports a crime in order to send armed police to someone’s house.
I had to take a hard look at how a child of mine could have uttered those words in the first place.
Fortnite has nearly 250 million registered players and raked in an estimated $2.4 billion last year.
Here's a tip sheet to help children build a good social network over gaming.
Dances in the Epic and Take Two games seem inspired by the "Carlton dance." Is it legal?
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By Frannie Ucciferri You were just getting used to your kid’s obsession with Fortnite, and now, all you hear about is V-Bucks
The Korean pop band and the host have a blast busting the moves of the video game characters.