fortune cookies

The following quotations were found outside the entrance to Manhattan Mini Storage on l07th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam
One of the most ancient cuisines in the world, Chinese food follows the yin and yang principle of finding balance in opposition and the understanding that everything within the cosmos is interconnected.
He sort of looked down, defeated, and handed the cookie to me. I pulled him over for a hug and a snuggle and told him it was OK and that he could have it. He opened the cookie up and handed me the fortune from inside.
I like to say fortune cookies were invented by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese and ultimately consumed by Americans.
Being too lazy to come up with your own New Year's resolution doesn't bode well for the changes you're hoping to make in
There is a true and sincere beauty in your curiosity about fortune cookies.
What's that difficult-to-identify flavor in there? And who thinks up all of those fortunes? It's time we answered these questions once and for all.
Let us break down this awesomeness for you. First, the man gets homemade fortune cookies whenever he wants (yes please!). Second
No foul play is suspected. Wonton, which has a huge factory in New York and others around the country, is actually known
If you’ve ever winced at the suggestion of Chipotle to fulfill a burrito craving, been laughed at for thinking it’s normal