Uvera Oumbajuah is a self-proclaimed oracle, who has set up shop in Union Square for the past four years. She sits by a fountain
Or one, anyway. (H/T DCist) Ian Hancock, director of the Program of Romani Studies and the Romani Archives and Documentation
There is no wall of beads. No headscarf. And absolutely no crystal ball. Just a set of stairs inside a boho-chic bistro spiraling
Everywhere are neatly trimmed bonsai bushes in a garden replicating the one where Buddha delivered his first sermon thousands of years ago. Streams of water tickle past the mouths of stone dragons into fountains and ponds surrounded by perfectly positioned boulders. Lotus flower pods float in pools of water.
Why is it that when we are young we want to be older and when we are older we wish to be younger?
"Psychic advisor" is one of our few growth industries. However, clients are no longer so curious about when they'll meet their soulmates; now they want to know how much money lies ahead.
When we hear or use the words "belief" and "believe," we tend to jump to the top of the chain of complexity. However, belief, as a psychological mechanism, is much simpler.