fossil fuel divestment

The country will pull money from oil, gas and coal "as soon as practicable."
As President-elect Donald Trump's retrograde climate agenda takes shape, this should be welcome news.
Ethically, our investments shouldn't contribute to dangerous climate change. Financially, fossil fuel stocks are overvalued as most of their reserves cannot be burned. We can get good, safe returns while helping to build a new energy system.
Whether it's moral reasons that motivate you to redirect your investments into clean energy or it's your aversion to the
Conspicuously, yet glaringly, absent from this list is our nation's oldest natural history museum: New York's American Museum
As a young scientist researching renewable energy since high school, and as a young person scared for my generation's future
For many who champion divestment, it is seen as something both symbolic and substantial. For those who argue against divesting, a key argument is that investing is a way to maintain a voice and influence discovery and innovation around cleaner forms of energy.
This article originally appeared on the website Moms Clean Air Force So where does that leave us common folks? Actually, with
It's been said -- if you own fossil fuels, you own climate change. Both as individuals and as directors of the Hanley Foundation, we have been Divest Invest signatories since 2014. Here's our story that will hopefully inspire you to join the movement as well.
See the video below for Al Gore at Harvard. What do you think Harvard should do? After bringing up divestment by name, he
The Rockefeller Family Fund announced it is divesting from fossil fuels and threw shade on Exxon Mobil in the process.
If you want to earn more "green," and make the world a more livable place for decades to come, look for investment opportunities of the same color in 2016.
The descent of the Republican presidential debate into new lows of demagoguery highlighted the emptiness of political discourse. And across the country, communities experienced the torrential downpours, record temperatures, floods, droughts, and firestorms predicted by climate change models. But 2015 also brought breakthroughs.
The biggest moments in youth activism at the United Nations climate negotiations (COP21) were focused on limiting global temperature rise, supporting the efforts of the most vulnerable populations, and bringing domestic issues to the international arena.
My husband George and I were honored to participate as members of the NRDC delegation. Our agenda included an endless array
Good news and climate change are not normally associated, so let's give a tiny cheer for these glimpses of upbeat news this week, as well as for the agreement just reached, and then consider what's positive in the long-term outlook for all of us.
Shaming the oil and gas industry might very well be a good thing to do, but it is not an academically good thing to do. Saving the world from fossil fuels is not a pedagogical goal and doesn't belong either in the classroom or in the mission statement of a university.
The worldwide movement to divest endowments and pension funds from fossil fuel holdings is growing rapidly, having now reached well over two trillion dollars in commitments.