fossil fuel divestment

“This announcement is a massive victory for activists and for the planet,” Divest Harvard, a student- and alumni-led group, wrote.
Hundreds of protesters took over the field during halftime on Saturday.
The country will pull money from oil, gas and coal "as soon as practicable."
As President-elect Donald Trump's retrograde climate agenda takes shape, this should be welcome news.
Ethically, our investments shouldn't contribute to dangerous climate change. Financially, fossil fuel stocks are overvalued as most of their reserves cannot be burned. We can get good, safe returns while helping to build a new energy system.
All you have to do is take your money out of funds whose portfolios include companies that produce fossil fuels or burn a
When an iconic institution like the American Museum of Natural History has ties to fossil fuels, the contradiction is self
To this day, Exxon funds the American Enterprise Institute, whose head of energy studies ten months ago proclaimed, amidst
For many who champion divestment, it is seen as something both symbolic and substantial. For those who argue against divesting, a key argument is that investing is a way to maintain a voice and influence discovery and innovation around cleaner forms of energy.