fossil fuels

The Dutch artist’s famous “Sunflowers” got doused in tomato soup during a climate protest in London.
On Monday, the world’s first public database of fossil fuel production, reserves and emissions launches.
The Royal Foundation said by email that it had followed Church of England guidelines on ethical investment since 2015, and goes beyond them.
Alex Ramel took the lead on electrifying buildings in Washington state — and fossil fuel interests want to make an example of him.
The Fox Business host wasn't warming up to long-term plans to save the planet.
A new bill from a Democratic lawmaker would create obstacles to electrification and give the industry a fresh playbook, advocates say.
The scandal-plagued Trump official has molted the last of his moderate feathers and is campaigning on a pledge to restore fossil fuel "energy dominance."
Internal emails show pipeline firms provided North Carolina and Virginia leaders with draft letters and talking points praising their own projects.
A new transmission project has divided environmentalists and laid bare the difficult choices governments face when trying to move away from fossil fuels.
Prodded about inflated gas prices, industry leaders said the market is “complex” and refused to commit to limiting dividends to shareholders and stock buybacks.