fossil fuels

As Big Oil wobbles, is now the time to remove it as an obstacle to climate action once and for all?
Oil and gas companies are constructing pipelines and wells amid the pandemic, risking workers’ lives and depleting personal protective gear.
They approved pipelines and gold mines while attacking science as the death toll rises from the novel coronavirus and mass layoffs begin.
The Democratic primary for a critical regulatory position is coming down to how aggressively — not whether to — crack down on the oil and gas industry.
The treasury secretary's wife said she stands with the climate activist, adding: "I don't have a degree in economics either."
Politicians including Bernie Sanders blasted the oil giant's New Year's tweet, accusing the company of fueling a climate crisis that's worsening deadly fires.
Fourteen oil and gas companies are funding a website that attacks scientists and undermines their work.
Brookline, Massachusetts, passed a measure prohibiting new oil and gas pipes, the first on the East Coast.
"Yes, Mr. Trump, sir, thank you for another sweet breath of freedom gas," he imagines the vice president telling his boss.
The GOP's vision of a fossil-fueled future for Puerto Rico runs up against the bill the territory's own lawmakers passed last month.