fossil fuels

"Yes, Mr. Trump, sir, thank you for another sweet breath of freedom gas," he imagines the vice president telling his boss.
The GOP's vision of a fossil-fueled future for Puerto Rico runs up against the bill the territory's own lawmakers passed last month.
The president revels in a gusher as the comedian jabs him on energy issues.
Newly obtained emails involving the nomination of a climate change denier for the White House post show the fossil fuel industry’s sway over Trump's administration.
New authorizations may open up East Coast waters to harmful exploration for oil and gas.
The solution from Finland, according to the president: "Raking and cleaning and doing things."
Westmoreland Coal Co. is the fourth major U.S. coal company to file for bankruptcy in the past three years.
"I'd like to see your child have to fight for energy," the Interior secretary at the conservative Freedom Conference.
"For Harvard to continue to profit from activities that might and likely do accelerate us toward climate disaster ... is unconscionable."
A group of young people argue that federal support for fossil fuel industries violates their right to life.
"Let that guilt about who you’re really working for inform your votes; don’t let the corporate money do it.”
Any oil and gas development “stands to disrupt this fragile, critically important landscape,” the lawmakers wrote last month.
Electricity to power streetlights would likely deter some abusers -- but you don't need harmful fossil fuels for that.
And the city's mayor wants to ban the sale of diesel cars by 2024.