foster care

California's Riverside County and a foster care agency knowingly placed them with abusive guardians who sexually assaulted them and forced them to eat their own vomit, they allege.
The ruling has broader implications for allowing taxpayer-funded groups, such as foster care and homeless services, to deny help based on “religious freedom.”
The first-in-the-nation program aims to support young people when they age out of the foster care system often with no security net whatsoever.
The court is hearing a case brought by a Catholic foster care agency that wants to continue discriminating against same-sex couples.
The justices will review a ruling that upheld the city’s decision to stop placing children with a Catholic agency.
For us, foster care is a kind of community service; it’s a gift that we can give.
The new rule stripping rights from LGBTQ children and adults goes to the rest of the Legislature for final approval next month.
The young actor was told she’d play foster kid Deja for just a few episodes. Two seasons later, her character's story keeps getting richer.
“Sesame Street” is tackling the opioid crisis in a way kids can understand through a new muppet, Karli.
A government watchdog report identifies a number of bureaucratic problems.