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When we move beyond transaction and embrace the transformational journey that is embedded in the adoption experience, we have a better chance of ensuring strong families.
The Word of God argument is uncontestable, since it is not based in facts but in a message that is only delivered to the
Dear Antonio, My name is Danielle. You probably don't remember me, but you used to call me "Mom" sometimes. You made me a mom, even if for a short time. I will always treasure that, and I will always treasure you.
See them smile with signs that show how long they were in foster care before adoption.
After eight years of helping to find homes for children in foster care, I feel like it's time to step up the game, and find homes for all the children we meet. Maybe since I've had a Twitter account forever, I'll actually start using it. Ahhh, social media, I will embrace you.
"There are so many other issues that we, Christian or not, should be concerned with."
Whether people reading this decide to support Carry On or they decide to get involved in another luggage program from another organization for youth in foster care, I will be happy. Because the goal is to make sure that NO child ever has to pack their belongings in anything but proper luggage.
With over 400,000 children in the foster care system today it's often difficult for children over thirteen to get out of the system and into a "forever" home. Gloriously, some do succeed.
Adoption is not possible without loss. Losing one's birth parents is the most traumatic form of loss a child can experience. That loss will always be a part of me. It will shape who I am and will have an effect on my relationships -- especially my relationship with you.